IMG-20150930-WA0002.jpgYour defeat should be admirable and golorious than victory of cheaters .

I am in suspision from where to start . How it will make you pleasant , by the way , i have to start at least . Here it is :-

The heading of bio gives me enormous energy that i could not explain . 

Again as usual , please pardon for any mistake and your comment and suggestion are welcome .

Do what you love and love what you have to do . Enjoy every moment , Life is too short to regret and hate .

The situation that i am facing presently is quite interesting on every step a problem of either ideas , finance , society and of course emotion and lack of experience , that bought here .

Few days ago i met a person ( say either investor or producer ) , I told him i want to make a movie , i need you financial help . As a bussiness he firstly demand his maximum profit , i replied in  YES .

There were few more condition and if i agreed that yet i get opportunity to be a director or say script writer too and may be actor . At this age my eager to be good or my dream are on its peak , it is in hurry when to touch the goal after knowing , there is no shortcut way for success . By the way  i have dream to be good person from the the way being a model for next generations .

The person told me to answer after decision , next day . His one condition was like selling my country on small  level morally as i feel or think .

  • It was just like to sell or advertise alcohol by saying enjoy alcohol free drink .
  • Whole night i have only two scenes in my mind one was my dream or career and on otherside condition .
  • I knew that i am not mature to talk most experienced and aged person at marketing line , i was not blind too .
  • That day i realised most person in cultured dress are really not and vice -versa .
    At this small age and coming from that society where except few all understands study means settle ( a good job ) . There are many limitations in almost very works . They actually enjoy the lifes of rules without making sense and forget for a moment what they are , why he choose to be human , what he likes  , where he enjoys alots .
  • They will only tell you i know everything , you think i spend my all life without any cause , i have seen many people like you , do what seniors told , they are more intelligent than you ( Hamne bahut duniya dekhi hai , aishe hi mera umra itna nahi ho gaya , tere jaishe bahut log hamne dekhe , JYADAA HAWA ME MAT UROO , Chup se bado ka kehna mano wo tumse jyada samajhdaar hai ) .

After waking all nights i decided my whole life is rest now , i am growing and my first step should be not like this . In my life i preffered experience , process than other factor .

When i decided to say NO , it was like a heroic feelings in myself . That was feelings of rare , a real happiness .

Next day i called him and replied , may be one day you will be at good position than me it will be you choice and its mine , I don’t want to work . And one thing i can bet you :-

My defeat will be glorious than your victory .

I , never want to fall myself in front of me .

At least i will never repent . And gets gut to take my decision , really i also dont know my future , One thing i know i can work infinitely for my dream that is in my hand .

Life is race , Be a racer not horse , because you are human and you at least know about yourself .

Enjoy every moments openly , always learn new things and Have your own point of view .

you can share your story , ideas ,We will together make a comfort nation , life and a better place for our coming generations .

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YOU are not forced to like , please must share , a new generation is waiting a new hero like you with good thoughts , ideas .

Thanks for your precious time and Patience .

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