Love and Valentine’s first date

Love and Valentine’s first date .

For those who love 

 love & valentine images
Love and Valentine’s date

Affairs days .

Dil me pyar Karne ki khwaish Hui ,

Bas tujhe palkon pe bitha liya,

Socha khwabon me bhi kabhi yaad Karo ,

Aur palkein jhapak gayi ,

Na jane tum kahan gaye.

My first affairs with same whom i loved again and again , after lots of complexity .

There was one problem , he was in love with milions before it . I can’t remember our first meet because we met earlier when i was unaware of myself .

Now , I lives in him and vice-versa .

Before telling next , let me tell you a story . Concentrate .

Once , there’s a famous love between Krishna and Radha . This story is a part .

Krishna married another wondeful lady that made her girlfriend sad ( or say in problem ).

Radha asked Krishna : You affair with me and married another lady .

Beautiful and Wise statement replied by Krishna the great .

Krishna : Marriage is ceremony between two ( Couples ). One thing you know

You and i are one , How could we marriage .

( Ek baar radha ne krishna se poocha , aapne mohabbat humse kiya aur vivah kishi aur se .

Krishna ne jawab diya Vivah do dilo ka milan hota hai ,,,,,,,,Hum aur tum too ek hai ).

How is it . I loved this brilliancy .

Time and Stage distraction

  • It’s directly propotional to your maturity and experience , it is something which we can’t understand earlier .
  • After lots of mistakes and pain it creates a chain that’s good for those who follow the chain .
  • There are few things which we can’t do before right time and there are few which we want to enjoy at certain age , both can’t makes understanding and we distracts .
  • Every stage has its own beauty that works parallel with time , which never meets , by the way , never leaves at infinity . These both works on same frequency that results pleasants as well as unpleasant untill you change frequency , it never hurts .

Conjugation of Time and Fate

  • It will better if you understands Conservation Of Energy .
  • Work is one of important components of your result .
  • You have heared somewhere ” When you works on anything without self greed heartly , the whole world conspires to get the things for you “.
  • When you deserve your love , the fates can’t do anything and its right time for fate to get his increment as a sense of external agent .
  • You are the one who gives your everything to your love and still get nothing . The time you get your reward is the right Stage that you should be rewarded .
  • Otherwise it itsef will destroy your all labour in vain .

Game of intitution and Sixth sense

  • The experience you get earlier and followed the chain which you made is what we called ” Sense of humour or Sixth sense “.
  • Intitution is our inner voice which we already know and by the way we could not realise and try to understand .
  • Sixth sense is what , we can argue with it , change it that we can’t do with other sense organ one time done then done .
  • We all are not a magician and can’t understand eveything well and others expectations ….. The things which collaborates us is our understandings and love .
  • The things which brings closer is our Mistakes , Intitutions , Company , Care etc .
  • To understand the difference in structure of both ( male and female ) brain which have different prospection on same things .

Psychology of valentines and celebrations 

    • The feelings of speciality of day and its suspense that enhances the care between partners .
    • To understand the difference between couple and single and important things is its freedom and drawback .
    • Its not only to test mind and someone’s love by judging with own knowledge rather than his speciality in him .
    • Love is not so simple , its a magic of skill as well as emotion . By understanding the others .
    • The communication which makes difference and similarities . To express as well as explain the feelings in you .
    • Expectations of fairy tales and its drawback cause unsatisfaction . Try to get happiness in everything which we live that we called a Life .
  •  couple
    Sense of understandings

    Here is nice statement below if you understand .

    Immortality of love 

    • X = I Love You 
    • Where ” I Love ” is constant 
    • You is variable

    It depends on you how you works on your variable and manage it.

    Its human nature to chase the things we like and don’t understand if available or we get .

    @ Love is something which we care when that is not with us .

    This is how i manage my love .



    For next part to be more interesting as well as beneficial , please share your valuable suggestions .


    I,Thanks for your patience and love .

    Life is too short to waste .

    AS alway ,,,,,, Love what you do , Do what you love .

    Love your friends and family , they are very important .

    Enjoy every phase of your life and connect the dots .

    Do the things that fears you and learn from every mistakes .

    This one for my Valentine


    I am always with you .

    To know more suspense part , please wait for next .

    Thanks to every Couple and Single for their secrecy of happiness .

    Please must visit your page

    Samrat India Groups

    Ankit Samrat’s Blog .

    Thanks .

    Have a great day .

    Love is what we give other without any expectations . Not the     ”  Thought of do to dwells on dream and forget real life “.


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