Samrat Investments

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 About Samrat  Investments

Samrat Investments is a new model of banking as well as investments . Its motto is to make the transaction online as well as offline to reach every corner to make transaction easy and profitable . We want the transparent to everyone .


Associates / Customer

The dreams in every eyes to aspire the happiness , Company is what the customer is . We want to serve customer to be free of fraud and excessive payment . We want our customers can transact from any part of the region . We believe in providing loans easily and pay highly to our customers .We want to provide such atmosphere that our customer don’t feels the need of customer service . We efforts to protect the value ,dignity and fulfill the needs of customer .


To transform the banking and economic to make shopping easy whatever the products is . We believe in people who are impatient to change and those who needs change to be with them . We value time and feelings .


To create an atmosphere to generate the leaders , Who could walk with their team because we try to coin the speciality in him .


Our company provides every possible transaction to choose costumers their choice . Trading . Banking . Investments .Learn about economic growth .

How can we make these Changes

The person who dreams , Dedicated , Understands the things works as our team , They are the people who sees things with different prospects . They trust in their work for customers . Most Important they are the people who knows they are also a customer somewhere or outside .

Contact Us

Mail : , Facebook : Visit ” Samrat India Ltd ” . . .

Message From Samrat Investments

We don’t know who will be the best after years and how we are different , One things we know ” If we works together We can make best We can make best We can make best We can make best We have trust We Can anyhow .

Your Opines , Ideas are welcome , please

If you will not suggest we can’t make best , There are billions of people , everyone is special in itself if he understands his ability .



Nawada , Jaink Park , Lane no :6 , A- 7 ,110059 , New Delhi


Author: ankitsamrat

@ yet unaware of himself , wandering in search of happiness knowing that lies in self , trapped in illusion ........

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