Life in each breathe

There should be Pleasure of Life in each Breathe-1

We born We thrive,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, We die.

Do you want to know what that gap is

 The art of Happiness

What is Happiness?

It’s an undefined journey. It differs with mind.

Yet it’s undefined we defines a virtual/ real system to run the journey.

Someone’s enjoying in nurturing others in destroying. There are millions of minds with billions of thoughts contributes in universe of its existence& balance.

 The art of happiness is also the art of suffering as well. As fear is lack of understanding the things so is suffering the lack of knowledge to know yourself and situation.

When we learn to acknowledge, embrace, and understand our suffering, we suffer much less or say addicts it.

Not only that, but we’re also able to go further and transform our suffering into understanding, compassion, and joy for ourselves and for others. It’s like chain or dots we don’t even imagine its defects without moving ahead. We can only visualize a rough idea. It may be right or wrong.

The paths of journey

Path is a part of experience in journey of life. We choose different path according to time that leads to our destination.

We have different choice in any situation, these all drama of learning, experience or study is what we use to make better choices or whatever we want or wish.

It reminds me of a beautiful story I read somewhere:

 Tolstoy and Chekhov were on a walk in the spring woods when they encountered a horse. Tolstoy began to describe how the horse would experience the clouds, trees, smell of wet earth, flowers, sun. Chekhov exclaimed that Tolstoy must have been a horse in a previous life to know in such detail what the horse would feel.

Tolstoy laughed and said,“No, but the day I came across my own inside, I came across everybody’s inside.”

You know what we spend all life in searching of knowledge, enjoying, Trapping, Wasting time depends on person.


What is Knowledge?  

If someone asks me, I don’t know.

One thing I have realized knowledge is feelings or intuitional that comes while working;

For someone it comes while designing a building, Falling in love with someone, Worshiping someone/god, It may comes when you practice meditation, when you practice karate, when you study books, when you do nothing just follow the nature, try to think how it (particular things, whatever) works or many ways or say every way.

It is not certain thing which we create as I have experienced it lies within nature, it’s already in Universe when it was created. As we all know there is everything which we have discovered/ invented or will happen after many years, is caged in Universe, we spend our amount of time according to our amount of knowledge& experience to get it or to reach there.

Knowledge was before our birth and will be after our ending and is when we

are living. We just need to find a way to reach there or to feel it’s in what we are doing.


Arise, Awakening, Alert

 कर्मणयेवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन।

मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भूर्मा ते सङ्गोऽस्त्वकर्मणि।

‘‘karmanye vadhikaraste ma phaleshu kadachana ma karma phala hetur bhurmatey sangostva akarmani’’

You must have read somewhere depicted:

God/ Nature help those who help themselves.


You have to work for what you want, if you want something monumental/ magnificent you have to work or think like that because all have 24hrs in a day, Do what you wish to. Either you waste it or create it. Remember don’t worry about productive or unproductive, win or loss, more or less these types of pair, We are humans, we can give our best in work. Just think about ‘Karma’. One more thing must analyze the chain so that you could know the

truth of productive or unproductive, win or loss, more or less these types of pair. It’s more important to work hard by the way it’s also necessary to improve the mistakes that makes lot of differences.

‘‘Don’t  even imagine to settle in crowd if you dare to dream, Everyone it beautiful, Not they all recognize that, use it, you have opportunity to make it, try once, go beyond the understanding& thinking there is oceans of Possibilities behind your wall/ world, Always’’.


Once you taste that whole thing will taste fika, that time there will be only fool in crowd, it’s you, where everyone will laugh.

 A day will come when the crowd will vanish you will remain or grow as you used to be and find a new crowd it will happen till you have your efficiency.

Always open your mind the Earth is big basket of knowledge. Come out of dogma& fear to lose.

Sometime there is pen in hand and we search in pocket, bag etc., getting worry of losing it until we know it’s in hand.

 It’s not a overnight process to achieve anything, It takes time to come in front of us still they all lies beside, you need to reach there with own way peacefully.

I would like to go through an interesting story so that you could refresh from

boring lines of above:

There’s an old story about a man who vowed to meditate until Krishna appeared to him. Moved by his commit­ment, Krishna walked up behind the man and put his hand on his shoulder. Without turning around, the man cried, “Go away! I’m waiting for Krishna!”

When revelation begins to walk toward you, have the courtesy to walk out to meet it.


Within Life& Society

For us, Humans there is a family called society. As we started growing our society become larger.  There dwells every kind of thoughts some like or alike and time to time it raise clash to be the self (To prove himself better). Few of them remain neutral. Society could be anything Organization, Family, Job, Eternal life whatever exists.

Sometime there grow eternal commotion that pushes us towards evil because, instead of solution we move towards easy method and get trap in hurry of being free from it.

We even don’t understand whom to free.

Our freedom isn’t from the life, it’s within the life.

In childhood when we were learning Alphabet, it’s a tough period to understand it. When we moves in class 10th you can imagine what you feel about Alphabet, Same things happens with life the things which we intends to complete first time it’s like a mountain, actually we forget it’s same Alphabet which we used to fear when we were child.

 The brightest aspect of knowledge is a growing precision of insights that holds confidence by taking away from fear to stillness& peace.

Salvation lies within.

To understand the beauty of things, to accept the possible aspect of subjects.

 Ability to hear the heart, intuition to follow the dreams rather than to move in crowd to urge the city lights.

Time heals every problem of life; you will have to believe this Mantra. Nothing is permanent.

‘‘Once there a Great King asked one of his wise ministers  to tell him a statement that when he would happy and read   it he would sad & when he would sad then read it he becomes happy.

The minister was wise and so was the question. After thinking lot his brains has turned into Yogurt& finally he got that answer, statement was not wow like fairy tale still simple& awesome. That states:

 This time will pass away (Ye waqt gujar jayega).


Then the Great King tried to fit in situation, Now you can also try. It works precisely.

Humans vs Efficiency


Humans are energy particles or piece of muscles. What’s the thing that makes us human?

Our body or work, emotions, our time, or these all which contributes to create& maintain Space and Time.

We are creating Robot for our helps, In movies/ shows we watch the influence of robot wherever we deals with robot or robotics we are told or say assume that robots are ahead of humans in work, precise whatever the specific of robot is or data put in that, they do well.

Have you ever think how they are better compared to their father/ mother say Humans?

You have read it take lots of effort to make robotics parts feasible like hands, legs, fingers, head these all are decided that what will composition of degree when they will move right or left of their parts, By the way we forget human body feasibility, we don’t have to calculate data to move hand, leg. Imagine how feasible and developed or I would like to use term Hi-tech we are. Are not we?

Second, the precision in robot is because of chip or data we store, they all are computerized& work at a time that makes robot best to use.

You may have heard a proverbs used in India: ‘‘Sitting in front of god/ worshiping and thinking about eating or playing with friends”

Most of us are unable to concentrate our mind. As I have mentioned above about meditation to fill the gap.

Human can be best of everything if they work with concentration, both mentally& physically present. You can’t even imagine the complexity in human body or mind. They are awesome, I wish you could use it with own way to its highest extent that would highest leaps for humanity. The ultimate is right inside you, go find it.

You have efficiency if you learn to know it, by knowing yourself through your work which you love or practicing meditation for a little period.

When we hack a computer we know there is directory of information lies inside computer& finds how to get inside safely and then return same works human nervous system as directory of everything, we find a way to hack information for life and the whole life we spend how to hack.


Situation are not that as harsh as we used to believe.

Enjoy the now in spite of caring for next morning because we don’t even know either we will see the next sun rising, It’s a little bit absurd still true. I am not even mentioning about being careless about life just reminding that each breathe is whole life in itself it’s up to you how you live.

Make yourself such as people come to you, you don’t even have to depend on opportunity or ability.

In your life sometime you have to behave as others do or sometime you have to create your magnetic field to attract people as you would like.

When you were in fitness room, at first phase you do push up 20 times maximum& tired. Daily you continue same process after twenty you get tired & think of that day when you push up30-40-100 to come. My friend it will never come. Same day you will have to do extra 5-10 push up come what may, Next month you will be at your best. You need to learn to fight situation, you have to owe time& blow with it, sometime fast sometime slow depending up on situation, for all these you have to learn to adapt the situation.

If you find out what’s the purpose of your life, then you don’t need to work, just you need to live it because your mind and body have learn to manage the things and changes according to time. For what you have not prepared that moment only your confidence& thoughts can lead you to adapt and resemble.


Joy is wholly in understanding the things/ now. How suddenly understand what to do not. I think no one or better say most of us don’t know how to react, they just follow their chain and look back when it needs.

Understanding of present & don’t fear to experience the new things specially

which fears you may lead you to get better.

Don’t fear to fall and go high just try to wake and adapt.

Before beginning we fear to fall and forget to remind once what if we fly. Remember not an experience will you led to end up your life& if it’s end who is to escape you.

Always try to keep choices that if you fall in ocean you would get a chance to swim in great pool or if you fall from height you can fly like a bird& assume yourself as atom particles may be you would live, at that moment you don’t have fear about life all you have to do is welcome the moments the situation itself will bow you.

Either it’s King or god, everyone bows in front of power, love, faith, confidence whatever it may be it should be ultimate, You know well the is nothing secret/ magic/ miracle it’s just lack of knowledge or understandings, the secret of ultimate is right inside you, inside you, inside you. Immense possibilities lies, if you could see& if it was so easy then everyone would be at zenith or its highest level& again not that tough that no one could achieve it.

We just need to observe, work continuously and learn to use time, remember friend if you don’t use time will use you.

Never fear of what will be, either I should do, why it’s me. Great responsibilities come to those who have great deeds, love not to those who step back.

May be everyone would fear with specific things, the doers have ability to stand like rock and change the situation as he wish may be it take time (god mills grind slow but sure).

You don’t need to give up at any cost.

We are humans we do lot of mistakes that’s why we are human not superpower, by the way we learn& those who have ability to own time can owe anything don’t matter how mighty or powerful it would’

You have to fold as if the best comes to you because you deserve that you have sacrificed your time& space it’s what the whole universe is space& time.

We humans should use his energy at its greatest level and of course we don’t know our efficiency so there is no chance to give up.

Motto of life ends when it reaches to his love or say goal, for which the soul created.


We want to listen what we like, we have yet decided we just want to know how. For someone it doesn’t make sense to know what’s next or may be another they just close their mind because they have decide their own.

It’s our tendency to feel other’s life& assume their work better than ours, still every one rags to rich is thriving except who learn to adapt.

“When I was in lower standards once in my literature class I have to do a problem where I have to choose Needs Or Wants from list of few daily articles like:

Food, Car, Shelter, Mobile, Cloth etc

(Needs): Food, Shelter, Cloth etc

(Wants): Mobile, Car etc”

Same phenomena happens in life we have own choices which only we can make because it’s your life& for every outcomes only you will be responsible and more then that you have to face that.We should choose our needs or wants which we don’t, it don’t matter because how can we know which one is helpful, the experience we have that matter what we get and more than that what we use within life.

This is fractional part of these story, it’s my own views, it depends on person to express same thing in other way or different examples, You must have your own opinion on things whatever it may. Must have ability to changes our view if needs not to spend all efficiency to prove it right.

         To be continue…..


Thanks for your precious time.Have a great moment ahead.

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