Unbelievable facts/ projects about Samrat Investments which impacts every being directly or indirectly.


This article contains brief note of models below about Samrat Investments project& vision to Human race.

We are not mere a finance company, it will better to say we are one of the path which leads to Human growth as well as happiness.


  1. Project Earth Banking: It’s named ‘Earth’, means something which is enough for someone’s life or say human. Yeah I am talking about earth where everything is available for a living. Something we use directly or on something we have to work for its transformation to use.

Earth Banking is mixture: We are developing or working on mainly two things:

Human& Technology.

By using technology for human, we are developing a model of banking where every single human is Interacted on Earth to experience the market of payments. There will be open banking, investments, profit without waste of time, hassle free & loss.

  1. Project SamratInvestmentsChallenge2023/ People’s Value Program: The main motto of SamratInvestmentsChallenge2023 is to create better environment of business in agriculture& Quality life with quality education. This will reduce poverty& Illiteracy.

It’s is not important but necessary to value people especially who deserves.

Now, there are many sectors to be worked on but why agriculture& education is focused, because you all know how important agriculture& education in every moments of life. Agriculture is ancient business, provides proper diet/ fuel to livings except synthetic food and so is education for the pursuit of happiness.

Education& Unemployment is very important issue for a nation. It effects the growth of environment for running business, economy & Next Generation: (which will lead& participate in pursuit of happiness& development).

We are providing maximum resources to dedicated farmers including education. Education is our one of the challenge to overcome.

We are investing on research of every minute thing for the growth of Human: Responsibility, Discipline, origin of poverty, illness, and lack of using available resources etc. something which doesn’t make sense in corporate & of course for most individuals, it includes variety of situations which prevents in Quality life& Happiness.

  1. Financial Freedom: Before this project you will have to live/ understand the separate life of finance& freedom. If you understand well then great otherwise either effort to explore or don’t waste time on it. It’s not for you.

Finance: Finance is phase of transformation of wealth through various process to structure the economy of individuals as well as public/ corporate/ nations.

It took over two years to come to simple point/ statement mentioned above, So that we could know what it about& to make it better. Otherwise, I will have to write an extra article on it. I think probably it will be same for you to understand every bit of words otherwise it will be meaningless, it’s like talking simple accountants on space problems.

Wealth is something which you can’t own. We apply management to balance it or for its nourishment and specially for preventing loss for those who suffers.

Freedom: For me freedom is not only project or part of our company, it’s beyond that.  It’s been long journey of freedom itself.

From years millions fought to achieve it. Now, what is that freedom, why was freedom necessary. Is same freedom applies with company as it for livings.

As you all know, Freedom itself is next generation of free.

Freedom is experience& example of better life to be lived.

Freedom is something which gives you power to go beyond your limits, Touch the impossibilities, To reach everywhere you don’t dream of, To touch the sky but not by harming anything.

Where one side you are said to touch the sky, go Mars or beyond but don’t intend to put hole there, create serious disturbance there which is fatal for livings.

Is it freedom where you are free to do what you want & other end you are requested to don’t create serious disturbance (serious disturbances means such thing which hurts globally or livings), You know it’s something which pushes you to infinity i.e. unlimited by being in limit. What is it then? Limited& Unlimited at a time, in same situation. That’s little bit confusing that’s why most neither understand nor be free or exercise freedom to their whole life. You know nothing in life is confusing, fear, complex if you reach that knowledge it’s as simple as eating, playing, gazing… assume how simple it is but everything is hard before it becomes simple/ easy until you know or better say realize how much time you spend in learning on eating, gazing… so on. Its simple phenomena which all knows that someone finds path within life and someone don’t at the end of life, because it is matter of choice either you do/ action or not.

The experience& sense of things/ terms may different for person.

Here, Financial Freedom is totally to acquire a happy life by having minimum to maximum fuels& desires according to achievements of individuals.

Investments is in every steps of life its just a matter of understanding. Somewhere we invest time, somewhere love, somewhere our dedication in different ways to achieve something, So is investments of money for the nourishment of wealth to be carried over for next generations what we got from ancestors by using our wisdom with different choice. Choice of today is tomorrows fruit.

At some places I have used unusual terms like life& live for non living like finance because it all starts with feelings to be understand& used deeply for the growth of human race.

Sorry if grammatical error or something because this article is intend to reach the message. Samrat Investments

OK, Someday we will talk in details on every bit of it separately.

Thanks for your precious time

Have a great time ahead.

Meet us: Samrat Investments



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